Who is Drug Safe Utah?

Drug Safe Utah (DSU) is a coalition of people and organizations who are concerned with the health and safety of Utah citizens, particularly in relation to the ill-advised Utah Cannabis Act initiative being promoted by the Marijuana Policy Project, the Libertas Institute and others. Our coalition includes representatives of law enforcement agencies, faith-based organizations, health care providers, education, local and state government representatives and more.

DSU hopes that Utah citizens, armed with more complete information, will reject the Utah Cannabis Act and opt instead for laws and policies that will help those who need help without subjecting the state to the inevitable ill effects of this poorly drafted and dangerous initiative.

Drug Safe Utah Coalition Members

Utah Medical Association
Utah Narcotics Officers Assn.
Utah Eagle Forum
D.A.R.E. Utah
JoAnn Petrie
Walter J. Plumb III
John Haynes

Drug Safety Advisors
DEA Salt Lake Metro Narcotics Task Force

Some Others Opposing the Initiative

Governor Gary Herbert & Lt. Governor Spencer Cox
Utah Sheriff’s Association
First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Utah Psychiatric Association
Utah Representative Carl Albrecht
Utah Representative Stewart Barlow
Utah Representative Walt Brooks
Utah Representative Brad Daw
Utah Representative Francis Gibson
Utah Representative Keith Grover
Utah Representative Steve Handy
Utah Representative Timothy Hawkes
Utah Representative Ken Ivory
Utah Representative Brad Last
Utah Representative Mike McKell
Utah Representative Kelly Miles
Utah Representative Mike Noel
Utah Representative Lee Perry
Utah Representative Jeremy Peterson
Utah Representative Tim Quinn
Utah Representative V. Lowry Snow
Utah Representative Norm Thurston
Utah Representative Curt Webb
Utah Representative Logan Wilde
Utah Representative Brad Wilson
Utah Senator Stuart Adams
Utah Senator Lyle Hillyard
Utah Senator David Hinkins
Utah Senator Don Ipson
Utah Senator Wayne Niederhauser
Utah Senator Kevin Van Tassell
Utah Senator Evan Vickers
St. George Mayor Jon Pike

3 thoughts on “Who is Drug Safe Utah?

  1. We have been working on a website https://medicinalmusings.com that contains some of the medical research showing the damaging effects of medical marijuana and cannabis. We are having some difficulty getting some of the links to work correctly, but the information is there. We are working on making it available to the coalition and the general public to help them see the research supporting Drug Safe Utah’s stand. Please feel free to share the information we have available. If a link doesn’t work (just takes you to the home page) try again, or try accessing the post through the search bar or another post in that category. Thank you for taking a stand to protect the people of Utah now and in the future.

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