The Marijuana Initiative is Not the Answer

Explore why the marijuana ballot initiative is bad for Utah.
It does little for real patients, but will harm Utah citizens, especially children.
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Opposition Grows to Proposition 2

On Thursday, August 23rd, Drug Safe Utah held a press conference at the State Capitol to release the statement below, signed by a wide variety of organizations and individuals, including medical cannabis patients, who are opposed to Proposition #2.  We are not alone. No to Prop 2 Facebook page also contains videos from the press […]

Signed the Petition — But Did You Read It?

DID YOU KNOW? The Utah Marijuana Initiative is 28 pages long. Signature gatherers, trained to avoid delving into the complexities and consequences of the initiative will say it is all about helping suffering patients. But did you know: A Washington DC lobbying organization (Marijuana Policy Project) whose stated purpose is to legalize recreational marijuana is […]

Why America Will Regret Legalizing Marijuana

Advocates of legalization love to mis-characterize the motivations of those who oppose as being tied to financial interests. But this great article from This Week (Apr. 30, 2018) explains our motivations better than most. We care about our country and its people. Why America Will Regret Legalizing Marijuana – Click to read.

The Smoking Argument

Smokescreen in the Initiative Advocates of the Marijuana Initiative claim that smoking marijuana will not be allowed by the initiative. Really? In section 58-37-3.6b of the Utah Cannabis Medical Act, the initiative states that smoking will only be unlawful if cannabis is ignited at over 750 degrees (F) and involves an open flame. However, cannabis […]

Statements Opposing the Initiative

DSU is Not Alone in Opposing Medical Marijuana Initiative Here are links to statements from other organizations and leaders opposed to the Utah Medical Cannabis Act: Utah Governor Gary Herbert American Medical Association Utah Medical Association Press Conference Statement – Aug 23, 2018 Utah Psychiatric Association The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of […]